New Zealand Mainland Tour 2018
Experience New Zealand

Join us as we tour our back yard; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand.


Where are we going this year?

Whether you’re into beaches, attractions or just excited to hit the road. We’ve got you covered.

Upcoming Events

More events coming up in 2019. All interested parties contact Bert. More information coming soon.

  • 2011 NZ bike 082

    NZ Mainland Burt Munroe Tour 2019

    South Island, New Zealand • First 2 weeks February, 2019

  • 2011 NZ bike 065

    NZ Mainland Classic Motorcycle Collectors Tour 2019

    South Island, New Zealand • Last 2 weeks February, 2019

  • NZ Mainland Tour 2018

    South Island, New Zealand • February, 2018

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Mainland Tour

You haven’t experienced New Zealand like this before.

Museums & Attractions

We’re stopping by a number of New Zealand’s finest museums & collections. Public & Private.

Glacier Flights

Discover what makes the south island special. Experience a bird’s-eye view of a glacier — or even land on it

Fly Over, Drive Away

Forget the hassle of dealing with rental agencies. We organise bikes for everyone.